Fire Inspections

The two most common interactions with Red Deer County Fire Services are business owners receiving a fire inspection, or property owners who have experienced a fire. These guides are written to help in these situations by providing information to help you navigate through the process, what steps you need to take, and how to reach out for further help.

Fire Inspection Checklist

Under the Safety Codes Act of Alberta, a Safety Codes Officer, may carry out an inspection for anything, process, or activity to which the Safety Codes Act applies.

The Red Deer County Protective Services Fire Prevention Division is dedicated to providing a safe place to work, live and visit. Fire Inspectors work in partnership with the businesses and building owners/managers to ensure the safety of employees, customers and other members of the public. As part of that commitment Red Deer County is offering the following information as a guide to prepare your building for a fire inspection.

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Fire Inspection Checklist Cover

next steps - What to do after the fire

Red Deer County Protective Services is dedicated to providing assistance to those impacted by fire. Recovering from a fire can be a mentally and physically challenging process for those impacted. As part of our commitment to the residents in Red Deer County, the following information is intended as a guide for victims of fire, and may not necessarily relate to your specific needs.

Often, the hardest part is knowing the initial steps to take, and who to contact throughout the early recovery period. This booklet was designed to assist you in dealing with some of the common issues associated with confusion and lack of information, immediately after a fire. Please take the time to carefully read the information provided. If you still have questions, contact Protective Services at 403-343-6667

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Next Steps After Fire Cover