Agriculture Concerns Survey Results

This year we conducted a survey to get a better idea of what agricultural issues are important to residents. The results of that survey were compiled into these graphs and presented to our Agricultural Services Board. These results will be an important source of information as we plan our agricultural communication strategies for social media, publications like The Meat and The Wheat, and more.

Ag Concerns Who is Completing Survey Results

Who is Completing the Survey?

These results show a mix of respondents completing the Agriculture Concerns Survey, with Agriculture Producers and Acreage Owners representing about 30% of responses each, and urban residents representing 17.48% of responses.

Ag Concerns Weed Related Concerns


When it comes to weed-related concerns, the top response was related to what chemicals are used for weed control, and what their long term effects are for humans and animals. Over 40% of all respondents listed this as their top concern.

Ag Concerns Animal & Insect Related Concerns

Animals & Insects

When it comes to animal and insect-related concerns, the top response was related to what is being done to protect native bee populations. The most common concern for agriculture producers was pest control, which was the second most common concern overall.

Ag Concerns Neighbour & Property Related Concerns

Neighbours & Properties

When it comes to neighbours and properties, the top concern for respondents as a whole was related to what can rightfully be done on one's own property. Half of all respondents listed this as their top concern.

Ag Concerns Tree Related Concerns


There was a mix of responses when it comes to tree-related concerns, with agriculture producers being most concerned about how to start or improve a shelter belt, while acreage owners and urbanites were most concerned about identifying tree pests and diseases.

Ag Concerns Ag Specific Concerns

Agriculture Specific Topics

When it comes to concerns specific to agriculture, the top response was a desire to learn more about the programs Red Deer County Agriculture Services has to offer. This was the top response for Agriculture Producers, Acreage Owners and Urbanites alike.