Agriculture Census

Stats Canada recently released an updated Agricultural Census report. The following graphs were taken from that report and were presented to Red Deer County's Agricultural Services Board. These statistics give a clear idea of what trends are developing in the agriculture industry, and help inform future policy.

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Total Number of Farms

These statistics show that, while the overall number of farms has declined since 2006, there has bee an increase since 2016.

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Average Age of Farm Operators

This statistic shows that the average age of farm operators has been increasing steadily since 2006. While the average age of farm operators was slightly over 52 in 2006, it is now over 57 as of 2021.

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Farm Operators - Male vs Female

The statistics show that the number of male farmers have a slow but steady decline. Female farmers were also on the decline until 2021 when this number started to rise again.

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Land Use - Wetlands vs Pasture vs Crops

While there was a sharp decrease in the amount of wetlands between 2006 and 2011, the rate of decrease has slowed substantially since. However, there is still a decline in the number of acres dedicated to rural wetlands.

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Cattle Ranching & Farming vs Oilseed & Grain Farming

Between 2006 and 2016 there was a decline in the number of cattle farms, but the stats for 2021 show an increase since 2016. Meanwhile, the number of oilseed & grain farms have been increasing steadily since 2006.

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Cattle Ranching & Farming (Beef & Dairy)

The total number of animals on beef and dairy farms has decreased since 2006, however the rate of decrease has slowed substantially since 2011.