Frequently Asked Questions

Red Deer County will be transitioning from manual residential garbage collection to automatic garbage collection for all eligible residents in October 2022. This improves collection services by reducing the instances of collection interruptions, minimizes messes made by pests, and promotes a cleaner environment.

automatic collection = level of service improvement

This is a level of service improvement to the garbage collection program. 

no additional cost

There is NO additional cost to existing residents. The full implementation of the program is covered in the monthly fee you already pay.

garbage collection schedule stays the same

How you "set your garbage out" is the only adjustment needed 

cart identification

Each cart has a unique serial number & bar code that identifies which cart belongs to a property. When the carts are delivered, there is a blank white rectangle space that the homeowner can write in their address with a permanent marker.

Q: What can we place in the carts?

A: Any household garbage that you previously put out for collection can go in the carts. A full list of what is acceptable can be found on the County website.

Q: If I fill the cart, what do I do with the extra garbage?

A: Any garbage that is more than what can fit in the cart will need to be stored  & added to your cart in the following week, or the material can be brought to one of the County's Waste Transfer Stations.

Q: How much can I place in the cart?

A: Carts can be filled to the top provided the lid can fully close (5 bag allowable limit and then some). There is a weight restriction of 330 pounds (150 kilograms) that is the maximum allowable weight of the cart and contents combined.

Q: Can I request an additional cart?

A: At this time, each garbage account will be limited to one cart only. Additional garbage generated beyond one cart per week should be brought to one of the County's Waste Transfer Stations.

Q: What if I can't fit the items in the cart?

A: Larger items like branches or cardboard boxes should be broken down to fit into the cart. Appliances, mattresses or furniture are not acceptable items under residential garbage collection program & should be brought to one of the County's Waste Transfer Stations for proper disposal.

Q:What if the cart is lost/stolen/damaged?

A: Carts will be repaired or replaced as needed due to the normal wear and cart lifecycle. The homeowner is expected to take care of the carts. Carts that are lost, stolen, or damage due to negligence will be replaced & the cost will be placed on the account holder's utility bill.

Q: Do I take the cart if I move address?

A: The cart stays with the property

Q: Why does that garbage need to be bagged before it is put in the cart?

A: To reduce garbage from blowing around when the garbage is dumped from the carts into the garbage truck

Q: What happens if I have a legal suite? Do they get their own cart?

A: If the legal suite has their own garbage account, they will receive a cart. If they do not have a garbage account, they will have to sign up to receive a cart

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