Waskasoo Local Area Structure Plan

Red Deer County is currently developing a new Local Area Structure Plan (LASP) for lands located on the west side of Gasoline Alley. The Waskasoo LASP Plan area is roughly 393 acres (159 ha) in size, directly south west of the City of Red Deer, straddled between Highways QE2 & 2A.

what is a local area structure plan (lasp)?

An Area Structure Plan allows prospective developers to anticipate land uses within a given area. It also streamlines subsequent subdivision applications that are in compliance with the ASP, as the ASP acts as a high level blueprint for a particular area. The adoption of an ASP reduces ad hoc development which can result in unexpected issues including infrastructure and future development patterns.

why is the county undertaking this project?

This Plan will serve as an economic development opportunity for the County as it will provide guidance for new development and redevelopment opportunities for the area. The majority of the lands located within the plan are undeveloped, or serve as industrial uses. In contrast, the future vision of the Waskasoo Plan Area will be comprised of a variety of residential housing types, commercial, and environmental land uses.

 CurreLASPntly the Gasoline Alley West Major Area Structure Plan’s (MASP) Land Use Concept has delineated land uses for the proposed Waskasoo LASP, which include estate residential, residential, commercial, and Waskasoo Creek Parkway. The principle means of implementing the existing Gasoline Alley West MASP is through the adoption of more detailed Local Area Structure Plans, such as the proposed Waskasoo LASP. The Waskasoo LASP will serve as a refinement of the Gasoline Alley West MASP, which will allow administration to explore a much more detailed design for lands included within the LASP.

Gasoline Alley West ASP

The Waskasoo LASP will be considered a statutory document once it is approved by Red Deer County Council. As part of the approval process, this Plan will require a formal public hearing which will allow all affected landowners the opportunity to voice their comments or concerns.

what will be included within the plan?

The Waskasoo LASP will generally include:

  • The phasing of development proposed for the area
  • The land uses proposed for the area
  • The anticipated density of population proposed for the area
  • Location of major transportation routes and public utilities

Red Deer County is also venturing to include other modern planning principles within the Plan such as pedestrian walkability by way of designating future pathways and linkages, and applying crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) principles to subdivision design in order to create safer neighborhoods.

where are we at?

Currently, the Waskasoo LASP is within the infancy stages as we are gathering all applicable background information. All landowners within the Plan area will be contacted to be a part of the future land use design process, which we hope to be in January/February 2021. Red Deer County will also explore other public engagement opportunities in line with Alberta Health COVID-19 regulations further along in the Plan development.

more questions?

hould you have any questions with regards to the Waskasoo LASP or would like further information please feel free to contact Red Deer County administration at 403.350.2170 or development@rdcounty.ca..

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