SAFE WATER WELLS PROGRAM Safe Water Well Initiative

Wells that are no longer being used are a serious public safety and environmental hazard. Help protect our aquifers and water supply by plugging old wells, you’ll be keeping your water supply safe! Up to $1,000 is available to help you plug unused and abandoned wells by way of the Red Deer County Agriculture Service Board Safe Water Wells Program.

An abandoned well is a liability. It creates a direct route from the surface to the ground water, greatly increasing the chances of contaminating an aquifer. Red Deer County has 11,600 water wells on record, plus an unknown number of wells that are off record. We estimate that 20% of these wells may need to be reclaimed.

Your Agricultural Service Board (ASB) and Council recognizes the need and importance of addressing this issue and they want to provide assistance in the form of reclamation information and procedures, help with the growing forward program, and financial compensation through our Safe Water Wells Initiative.

For information on plugging abandoned water wells and the Safe Water Wells Initiative, please contact Agricultural Technician Tori Adolf or Conservation Coordinator Ken Lewis.

Click HERE for the Red Deer County Safe Water Wells Program overview.

For a list of Water Well Drilling Contractors in Red Deer County, click HERE.

Discover more about plugging abandoned wells, including well owner responsibilities and plugging processes, from Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development