History of Clubroot in Red Deer County

Clubroot was first detected in Red Deer County in 2011. As of October 2023, we have identified 92 parcels infected with this disease. Clubroot is a soil borne disease that affects plants in the Cruiciferous family. This means it can be a damaging disease for many crops such as broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, kale, cabbage and, most importantly for our area, canola. 

Clubroot reproduces exponentially and once found in a field, becomes more of a management issue since it is so difficult to eradicate. Clubroot infected parcels have been doubling in number with each passing year.

Red Deer County's 3rd Party Land Entrance Guidelines can be found here.

Club Root Inspecting
Clubroot Risk Map for Red Deer County Updated Oct 2023

What Red Deer County is doing about Clubroot  

Field inspections will be conducted by Agricultural Fieldman or by any other inspectors appointed by the County, and follow the guidelines set out in Red Deer County's Clubroot Procedure. Inspections are done by manually walking select fields and pulling test plants while looking for symptoms. 

If symptoms are found, samples are sent for lab testing to confirm. Once a field is confirmed, the landowner is contacted and notified so that management practices can be implemented. A notice restricting the planting of susceptible crops may be issued under the pest control act. The Red Deer County Clubroot Policy allows for low levels of the pathogen to exist before a Pest Notice is issued. Producers with confirmed minor infestations will be made aware of the disease and informed on the management of the disease, but allowed to manage it without County intervention.

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