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Red Deer County Council is comprised of a Mayor and six Councillors with one Councillor elected from each ward / division. Each Council member serves a four-year term.

Governed by the Municipal Government Act, the Council passes bylaws that provide for, develop and maintain safe and viable communities. These bylaws include matters such as the safety, health and welfare of the people and property; business activity, recreation, public utilities; nuisances; transportation, and wild and domestic animals.


The primary function of the County Manager is to act as the principal liaison between Council and Administration and to oversee the Directorship.


Each Director oversees daily operations of his or her department utilizing support and advice of specialized managers to ensure the smooth operation and integration of several County departments for optimal effectiveness.
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Legislative Services coordinates the administrative support for the County Manager, Mayor, Council and Council related boards, as well as being responsible for the control, management and interpretation of County bylaws/policies and minutes of Council, Municipal Planning Commission and other Council related boards. Other responsibilities for Legislative Services are conducting the services of a Commissioner of Oaths and the coordinating of municipal elections.

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