Land Use Plans and Documents

Statutory Plans

A statutory plan is a legal document that must go through three readings and a public hearing before it is adopted. Once adopted, there is a legal obligation on the part of both the municipality and the residents to adhere to the plan.

Non-Statutory Plans

Non-statutory plans are bylaws passed by resolution. They are often developed to help encourage a certain direction for development or growth in a particular area.

land use bylaw & zoning maps

The Land Use Bylaw (LUB) is tool by which we achieve policy direction set out in the higher level documents such as the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) or Area Structure Plans (ASP).

​tree removal on private land

Can I remove trees on my property?
Removal of trees from your own private property is allowed with the exception that trees located near water bodies and slopes cannot be removed. No municipal approval is required for tree removal.  Section 45.8 of the County’s Land Use Bylaw states that no trees or vegetation shall be cleared within 30 m (100 ft) of any water body, water course or crest of a slope greater than 15% where the removal could have a negative impact on the water body, water course or slope stability.

What if my land is in an Environmentally Significant Area (ESA)?
For Commercial Logging purposes, again, municipal approval is not required for tree removal within an ESA. Whether the tree removal is for the purpose of selective logging or clear cutting the entire parcel of land, a Road Use Agreement (RUA) shall be obtained from Red Deer County prior to hauling on County roads. In addition, the County recommends that an environmental review be completed, which would provide any recommendations that are to be followed to mitigate or minimize the cumulative adverse impacts upon adjacent land uses, soil, water, and farming operations prior to the removal of any trees.

What if I don’t know if my land is within an ESA?
You can find this information by using the County’s online Interactive Mapping tool or by calling Planning and Development Services.