Utility Set-Up


Red Deer County prepares billing for multi-lot subdivision sewer and water as well as waste collection. The installation of individual on-site services (wells and septic systems) or any other biological waste treatment disposal system is the developer's responsibility. Gas and power utilities are provided by rural utility franchises.

Red Deer County has a 10-year Utility Management Agreement with EPCOR to operate and maintain the water, wastewater, and storm systems in five communities: Springbrook, Spruce View, Benalto, Gasoline Alley and Lousana.


The following PDF forms can be downloaded, completed, and sent to the County.

Utility Charges

Water, Sewer, and Garbage Fees (See Schedule F)

Setup & Payment

Responding with enhanced customer focus and integrating new technologies, Red Deer County offers a variety of utility payment options.

The monthly utility payment plan is the preferred payment option however payments can be made via telephone banking and online banking, by mail or in person at the County office or at most banks. (If paying through the bank please ensure you are aware of the banks processing time to ensure payment is not late). 

  • We accept payment by Interac, personalized cheques and cash.
  • Please ensure that the detachable portion of your utility bill is forwarded along with your payment.
  • If you are sending one cheque in payment of utilities on more than one property, please ensure that you forward all the related detachable portions of the utility bills.
  • Please do not send cash in the mail. If you are paying any other charges on the same cheque as your utilities, please ensure that you attach a copy of the related bill along with the detachable portion(s) of your utility bill.
  • Sign up to have your utility bill sent to your email address. 

If you have any questions about the utility enrollment process please call 403.350.2150.

Utility Companies

To find Gas Companies and Power Companies in your area, click here.

Red Deer County does not endorse any one company so we encourage residents and business owners to learn more.