Filing A Complaint On An Assessment

The following information provides details on working with the Assessment Review Board to file an assessment complaint: Filing A Complaint: Contact an Assessor first, as they can make corrections to an assessment without a complaint being filed. Contact our Assessment Department at 403.350.2166. If there is still disagreement after discussion, property owners may file a complaint with the Assessment Review Board. Final dates that complaints must be filed by: 60 days from the Notice of Assessment Date. This date is identified on the top right corner of the Assessment Notice under Complaint Date. Fees for filing a complaint are outlined on the back of your Assessment Notice and must be accompanied by a completed provincial complaint form. Make cheques payable to Red Deer County and return to the County’s Assessment Review Board clerk at: Red Deer County 38106 RGE RD 275 Red Deer County T4S 2L9 *Please note that a complaint against your assessed property does not exempt you from paying taxes on time or from late payment penalties. If an appeal is successful, the adjustment will be applied to the tax roll. Refund requests must be received in writing to the above address.

Assessment Review Board Complaint Form

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