Education Property Tax

Red Deer County collects tax on behalf of the Alberta School Foundation. Every year the province calculates, based on assessment value, the amount each municipality must contribute towards the public education system. The municipality then collects and forwards this amount to the Alberta School Foundation Fund which then distributes this money among Alberta’s Public and Separate School Boards on an equal per-student basis. All property owners pay Education Property tax on each property they own with no exceptions based on age or income. For more information on Education Property Tax see the Education Property Tax Brochure on the Assessment & Taxes page, or visit or call 780.422.7125. Declaring School Support to the Public or Separate School District: Under the provisions of the School Act, the owner of a property that falls within the Roman Catholic separate school support zone may complete a School Support Notice. Therefore, an owner is entitled to declare whether he or she is Roman Catholic, in which case the owner must direct their taxes in support of schools to the Roman Catholic separate school district, or if they are not Roman Catholic they must direct their taxes in support of schools to the Public School District. An owner can declare by filling out the form for either Individuals or Corporations (which can be found on the Assessment & Taxes page) and mail, fax or drop off to the Red Deer County office. Red Deer County automatically mails out declaration forms requesting new owners to fill them out in Separate Areas once per year. Any declarations received before December 31 of the current tax year will be reflected on the next year’s tax notice. Seniors - Contact Alberta Supports Contact Centre: toll free at 1.877.644.9999 or 780.644.9992 in Edmonton, or visit the Alberta Health website at or more information on: •The Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program, •The Alberta Seniors Benefit, or •Other provincial programs and services for seniors. Contact the Government of Alberta Education Property Tax Line toll-free by dialling 310.0000 and then 780.422.7125 regarding the education property tax. Details of the Alberta School Foundation Fund are published in the Alberta Education Annual Report, available online at:
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Education Property Tax: Facts & Information

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