Manufactured Mobile Home Parks

New Owners & Removing/Adding or Changing a Name on a Manufactured Mobile Home: We have several Manufactured Mobile Home Parks within Red Deer County. Examples of these Parks are Melody Meadows, Waskasoo Estates, Southpark, Spruceview and Kountry Meadows. In these Manufactured Mobile Home Parks, the mobile home owner owns their manufactured mobile home but not the land that it resides on. The Manufactured Mobile Home Owner must still pay tax on the Manufactured Mobile Home. In this instance, we do not receive ownership changes from Land Titles as there is no land owned. Therefore, the Park Manager reports any ownership changes or name changes to Red Deer County. Then, Red Deer County makes the ownership change and submits the Tax Notice  to the new owner. Change of Address in a Manufactured Mobile Home Park: An owner of a Manufactured Mobile Home within a Manufactured Mobile Home Park may change their mailing address by filling out the Change of Address Form (see below) and sending in by fax or mail, or by calling Red Deer County at 403.350.2166.

Change of Address Form

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