Property Ownership Changes
New Ownership Changes:
Red Deer County receives all land ownership changes from Alberta Land Titles with the exception of Manufactured Homes within Manufactured Mobile Home Parks (See information on manufactured mobile home parks on our website). When an owner sells a property, the Land Transfer Documents are filed with Alberta Land Titles and then sent to Red Deer County to make any changes needed. Our documents must match what Alberta Land Titles has. This is how we receive the new owner’s name and their mailing address.

If a mailing address is filed incorrectly with Land titles, the new owner’s tax notice will go to this address unless the new owner reports an address change with Red Deer County. The mailing address is the only means of communication with the new owner that Red Deer County has. We are not provided with a phone number. To report an address change, an owner can fill out the Change of Address Form at the bottom of this page and send it to Red Deer County by mail or fax, or call in an address change to 403.350.2150. It is highly recommended that if an owner has an address change that they update their address with Alberta Land Titles because if Alberta Land Titles ever needs to send you information this is how they will contact you. Owners can do so at any Registry Office that handles Land Title changes or by contacting Alberta Land Titles at 780.427.2742.

To remove, add or change a name on a property title:
In order to remove, change, or add a name on your property, you must file this through Alberta Land Titles (with the exception of Manufactured Mobile Home Parks – see Manufactured Mobile Home Parks). This can be done through a lawyer or any registry office that handles Land Title changes or by contacting Alberta Land Titles at 780.427.2742. There is a cost to do so. When filling out the paper work to do so please verify that your mailing address is still correct with Land Titles. The paperwork is then sent to Red Deer County and the change will be made. If the mailing address is different on the documents that Land Titles sends us from what we have, the mailing address will be changed to the one reported from Land Titles.Change of Address Form

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