Assessment Inspections

For assessment purposes all properties within Red Deer County are re-inspected on a five-year cycle to ensure that assessment information remains current or when we receive notification of changes to a property. In addition, property inspections may be conducted by Red Deer County Assessors at any time due to circumstances such as development or reported changes to the property and sales, to ensure that assessment information remains current and as accurate as possible. An inspection ensures that all characteristics affecting the property are considered in its valuation. This may include an interior and exterior inspection of the property. Typically, the Assessor will be confirming measurements of houses and any outbuildings that do not qualify as farm buildings. the Assessor will take a picture at this time. An Assessor will be identified by driving a County marked vehicle and you may request ID at any time. If the Assessor is not able to get in touch with the owner while they are on the property, they will leave a door knocker on the door stating who was there and what phone number they can be reached at for inquiries. Alternatively, the assessor may leave a questionnaire for the property owner to fill out and return to the Red Deer County Assessment Department. If you require a re-inspection, or if there are any changes to your property that you would like to report, please call our Assessment Department at 403.350.2166 and ask to speak to an Assessor. Discover More >>

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