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Posted on: May 12, 2017

Division 1 Town Hall Meeting Responses - March 16, 2017 With Philip Massier

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I would like to thank everyone who attended the March 16 community meeting at the Pine Lake Hub Community Centre. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet with area residents and share information and listen to concerns. This article provides a summary of matters raised, and responses provided during the meeting; as well as additional information that was not readily available that night.

Use of Pine Lake Day Use Area – The evening started with a presentation by Kimberly Tricker respecting a Community Vision and Survey. Residents discussed the desire for a public beach area; if not at this site is there Municipal Reserve land available? The beach area could be maintained by a community association. It was suggested that the public could use the beach front strip at Sandy Cove, although public parking is an issue at that location. The recently approved Aspen Shores Estates Area Structure Plan has plans for an 11 acre public access lakefront Municipal Reserve lot. Residents also discussed the condition of the boat launch – the pads have shifted over time, and a hole has formed offshore, making trailering difficult. Residents want the County to consider moving the ramp location north. The day use site has limited parking; and a query was made whether the road allowance to the north, which has been fenced off, could be used for day use expansion (beach or new ramp). Residents were told that in addition to the repair of the boat launch, that updated seasonal toilets and a camp kitchen area also in the County’s plans. All concerns and ideas discussed will be raised with the County’s Operations Department. Residents will be advised of any future plans for construction.

Volunteer Fire Hall - There is a resident desire for a fire hall in the community. Historically, there has not been enough volunteer interest shown. Interested persons should contact Protective Services. The community could do their own survey to determine if there are enough volunteers to make a department viable. In the interim, there is the potential for residents to serve and train under Delburne or other fire departments.

Road Signs and Rural Addressing – It was discussed how Canada Post has linked rural addresses; however, the majority of residents prefer box numbers for mailing addresses. Residents were advised to contact Canada Post directly with their concerns. The County rural address “blue sign” replacement program was discussed and residents were told that signs will be replaced throughout 2017.

Road Issues – Residents questioned the status of Township Road 370. The County is planning construction in 2018; most landowner consents have been obtained. The County is having some problems with Environmental Approvals, which have resulted in the project being delayed. Other concerns raised, and which will be reviewed by Administration, include:
• Rosewood/Taunton paved roads – too much salt applied this winter.
• People speeding on Township Road 364 going to boat launch from Highway 816.
• Range Road 230. Approach culvert 200 metres north of Lousana Access too small/high.
• Paving of Range Road 245 will be undertaken when numbers warrant.
• Culvert South Pine Lake Road east of Scottie’s. There is flooding because culvert too small.

Private Campgrounds – A number of residents did not agree with the assessment of private campgrounds and cited that other counties are not assessing campsites. Ratepayers were told to contact Assessment Department, and that they have the ability to appeal. It was suggested that a write-up be placed in the County News, so that anyone wanting to avoid assessment could do so within the confines of the rules.

Funding for Lake and Restoration Society
– Residents were advised that the lake is under provincial jurisdiction and that the County provides annual funding to the Society.

Beaver Bounty – Will the County put in place a Beaver Bounty? Of the 50 residents in attendance, six indicated that they have beaver problems.

Central Alberta Regional Trail Society – Residents were advised that the Society is actively pursuing trail construction; however, Council has not approved any funding for trails.

Solid Waste Reuse - Can we put items for reuse on Facebook? No.

Gasoline Alley Mosque – Is this proceeding? No.

Internet – The Elnora area has poor internet connection. Residents were advised that the County continues to lobby the Province for assistance in this area; and that improvements to Connectivity and Broadband is identified within the County’s recently completed Economic Development Strategy.

Hub Gate – Residents believed that the gate was installed by the County and requested if the County could make repairs to the steel bar.

STARS Helipad – Has the County approached STARS respecting development of a helipad at the Hub? No.

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