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Posted on: May 5, 2017

Mowing - Who Is Responsible?


The responsibility for the mowing of boulevards and ditches varies by location. Red Deer County has a Subdivision and Open Space Mowing Program that includes over 286 acres of land being maintained by the County. The frequency of mowing within these locations is consistent with the designated land use. As a result, depending on the location of these properties, mowing will occur once a week, once every two weeks, monthly or twice a year.

Multi-Lot Residential, Commercial and Industrial Subdivisions 
Pursuant to the Subdivision and Open Space Mowing Policy that was adopted in 2005, property owners in subdivisions are responsible for maintaining (mowing) the ditches and boulevards that are adjacent to their property. This applies even in those cases where there is a sidewalk separating the private property and the boulevard. Red Deer County maintains the open spaces located along the entrances to subdivisions and hamlets that are not adjacent to private property.

Rural Roads
Red Deer County does have a road maintenance program that includes annual roadside mowing and weed control on all County paved and gravel roads. Agricultural property owners wishing to maintain (mow) ditches adjacent to their residences to a higher standard may do so. As the primary function of a ditch is to support the road network and ditches are constructed to meet County engineering standards, the County will not conduct additional work to assist with ease of mowing (i.e. changes to slope of ditch; picking rocks).

With the County’s Roadside Weed Control Policy and Haying of County Roads Policy, rural landowners can request that the County’s weed control and mowing adjacent to their lands does not occur, subject to some conditions. Copies of these policies are available on the County’s website at or by contacting County Agricultural Services at 403.350.2150 for additional information.

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