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Posted on: March 15, 2017



For the protection of the environment, property, and health and safety, the mitigation of surface water run-off or drainage within your property is imperative.

Drainage plans are required in order to mitigate surface water run-off as a result of rain, hail, melting snow or ice, and to prevent water draining onto another property. This water must be diverted into proper drainage systems such as ditches, swales or into catch basins provided in urban areas. These corrective measures must be designed by a storm water management professional and approved by the County prior to construction or development.

A properly graded lot allows water to flow away from buildings, protecting the foundation and basements and prevents flooding in neighborhoods. Landowners need to be mindful of the original grading elevations of a subdivision and not change the slope to the street when adding additional top soil or other landscaping features.

Drainage swales, usually located within subdivisions, must be kept free and clear of soil, sod, structures such as sheds, garbage and debris. Drainage swales may or may not be physically evident on the property. These drainage ‘facilities’ include grass swales; concrete or asphalt swales, gutters or walkways, or the sloping and contouring of land.

The Development Authority may require a lot grading and/or lot drainage plan to be submitted together with any development permit application. This grading and/or drainage plan must be approved by the County prior to any works commencing on the land.

A grading plan is also a condition of subdivision applications to ensure that water does not drain from the newly created parcel onto the remainder and from the remainder onto the newly created parcel or adjacent parcels. In some cases, a drainage easement may be required and must be registered on the title(s) of the affected lands.

Natural creeks, rivers, wetlands and lakes may not be used for storage of storm water or be altered without the approval of the County and Alberta Environment and Parks. For more information contact Planning & Development at 403.350.2170.

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