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Posted on: March 14, 2017

Getting Acquainted With GIS: Finding Your Parcel Information

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The Web Geographic Information Systems tool is great for finding information about a property that you may own or be interested in. In this section, we will go over three important tools used in finding relevant information about your property. These include using the search tools function, getting your parcel information, and learning your zoning.
Search Tools
In this section, we will be discussing some of the tools in the Location Tools ribbon. In the previous article, we said that these tools are useful in moving around the map and for performing searches. While panning and zooming are great tools for getting around and focusing on areas, sometimes you may not know exactly where a property is. That’s where search tools shine. Here are the search tools that are currently available:

The names of the search tools tell you what you must input to search for a property. Most of the tools names should be self-explanatory with the exception of the “Long Legal” search tool which allows you to search by Quarter Section (ex. Meridian, Range, Township, Section, and Quarter). When you click on one of the tools, a box will open up where you can input information. Depending on the search tool, information can be input by typing, selecting from a drop down, or a combination of the two for tools with multiple input fields.
The search by address tool requires you to type in the address you are looking for. The address we are looking for shows up in a list. This is because these types of input field have an autocomplete function built in. So as you type your address, you should start to see results and can select the correct address from those. Once you have selected the correct address you can then click ok and it will zoom to the address location.

Note: In order to see the address you have searched for, you will have to turn on the Municipal Address layer inside the Addressing group layer. However; most of the other searches use information related to a parcel. When doing those searches, the parcel will be zoomed to and appear highlighted as seen to the left.

Getting Parcel Information

Once you have found your parcel, getting information from it is easy. There are two different ways to find the information you are looking for.

The first way is to search by Roll, Linc, Plan/Block/Lot, or Long Legal. As said before, these searches will zoom to and highlight a parcel, however; it will also display the search results in the left window where the layers were located. Here you can find information such as Roll, Linc, Quarter Section, Lot/Block/Plan, Assessment, and Zoning Type.

The second way to find information from a parcel is helpful if you’ve already found your parcel, either by an address search or by manually finding it. Once you’ve found the parcel you’re interested in, you can simply click on it. It may take a bit to process, especially if there are multiple results from stacked parcels, but a “Map Tips” window will appear showing the information for that parcel.
In the parcel information, we saw the zoning type. However; what do the different zoning types mean? First, switch to the Planning and Development theme and then turn on the Zoning layer. Once the layer has loaded, click on the parcel with the zoning you would like to check. A map tip will open showing the zoning code with the full description below which is also a hyperlink. If you click the hyperlink, it will open a page with that zone’s description and regulations.

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