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Posted on: June 13, 2018

Why We Inspect

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Alberta is extremely susceptible to invasive species. Some species are looking to get a foot hold in our waterways and others are looking to invade our productive Agricultural land. For this reason the Weed Act was proclaimed in 1907 and has existed in some form for the last 110 years, making it one of Alberta’s oldest pieces of legislation. Its latest revision, (proclaimed in June 2010) listed 46 prohibited noxious and 29 noxious weeds requiring either eradication in the case of Prohibited noxious or the control of noxious weeds. The revision showed an increased focus on new invasive plants, that most had assumed weren’t even in Alberta yet.

To assist landowners/occupants in identifying and developing control methods for these legislated weeds, Red Deer County Council appoints 4 weed inspectors annually. One of their main goals is to create awareness about these new invasive weeds and why they must be controlled or eradicated.

Weed Report vs. Weed Notice
Should a weed inspector discover a noxious weed, they will create a Weed Report to track and inform the landowner of the weed infestation. This is not a Weed Notice. A Weed Report is offered as an informational tool to encourage landowners to control the weeds in question and /or contact their local Agricultural Services Department to learn more about the plant management. It will also help us reference this weed concern in the future as it is controlled or continues to grow and expand.

A Weed Notice, on the other hand, is a legal document created under the Alberta Weed Control Act. A Notice will be issued if a land owner has repeatedly neglected to control the weeds identified on the weed report or in the case of Prohibited Noxious weeds, a weed notice must be written when noxious weeds are found. A Weed Notice is a document that, if unattended to, will lead to Red Deer County taking action to control/eradicate the weeds in question with the landowner still responsible for the cost of the control.

Under the Act, Weed Inspectors “may enter at any reasonable hour on land or premises, and inspect the land or premises or any crops, hay, etc.,” excluding the dwellings on the premises.

For more information please contact:
Tori Adolf
Agricultural Technician

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