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Posted on: June 12, 2018

Weed of the Month

Narrow-leaved Hawks Beard

Narrow-Leaved Hawk’s Beard - Crepis Tectorum

Height/Width: up to 1m/~0.3m wide
Flower Colour: Yellow
Flower Size/Shape: Small round heads (tiny dandelion-like)
Leaf Arrangement: Rosette, (flowering stems-alternate leaves)
Leaf Shape: Rosette leaves with toothed edges to deep lobes (flowering stem has whole leaves with toothed edges)

Narrow-Leaved Hawk’s Beard (NLHB) is an annual or winter annual weed that reproduces only by seed. In recent years some pretty severe infestations have been observed throughout the County. Severe infestations not only affect the crop where they’re located but can have further reaching consequences as the seeds are dispersed by wind.

The best defense against NLHB is ensuring a good crop stand, whether it’s an annual crop or forages. Weakened or newly establishing crops suffer the worst infestations. Recognizing infestations early will result in the greatest effectiveness with any control measure. Young NLHB plants can easily be confused with wild lettuce, perennial sow-thistle or even dandelion. Distinguishing features of the early leaves feature prominent stalks and will often have a few teeth along the margin pointing back to the center of the rosette.

NLHB used to be controlled with fall or spring tillage but now with no-till farming technology its control has become more involved. Tillage can still be effective but isn’t practical in most applications. A herbicide application typically is the most effective means for achieving control.

Check with your local retailer for herbicide options.

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