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Posted on: April 16, 2018

Hosting Or Organizing An Event in Red Deer County?

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Red Deer County is a great place to host a variety of successful public events. Red Deer County’s Public Events Bylaw helps create a culture of proactive safety and emergency management, and most importantly, information sharing. For events big and small, it is crucial to share information with first responders like County Fire, Patrol and the RCMP to minimize or prevent the loss of life and property. Red Deer County’s public event permitting process is about wanting and needing your event information for the sake of emergency management and preparedness, and not about collecting your money through application fees.

Part of the Public Event application process is an EAP (Emergency Action Plan), which has three main benefits:
1. Assists in identifying risks or potential risks.
2. Assists in identifying what measures need to be put in place for the protection and well-being of the public who will be attending the Public Event.
3. Identifies individuals/groups/organizations roles and responsibilities.

It is important that event organizers begin this permit process before advertising their events publicly. If event organizers pre-advertise venues, routes or details on social media, or with costly paid advertising, and those locations turn out to be unsafe, under construction, closed, etc., the event permit could be declined or delayed while details are addressed and modified. In order to avoid sharing misinformation or having delays in event preparation, please make applying for an event permit and building an Emergency Action Plan priority number one. New penalties are included in the Public Event Bylaw to reflect the importance of obtaining a permit and adhering to the provisions in the permit for things like safety, dust control and use of public address systems and loudspeakers, etc.

As the County is experiencing an increasing number of events, even when a Public Event permit is not required, sharing contact and event information enables Red Deer County to be better prepared. One of the main purposes of this process is to ensure that the County’s Emergency Responders have sufficient information in the event that a response may be needed. (i.e tornado, wind storm, fire – even something as simple as a parking/noise complaint). Our goal is to try and assist with safe and successful events.

The bylaw also includes a list of exempted public events which do not require an application fee. Please find a full listing of exempted event opportunities at or phone to inquire.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Emergency Management Officer Tina Colberg at 403.348.2036 ext 5 or 

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