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Posted on: April 13, 2018

Environmental Farm Planning FAQ #2

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What's All Covered In An EFP?

I’ve heard that Environmental Farm Planning (EFP) covers everything from the kitchen sink to the fields and pastures, and everything in between. What exactly, is covered?

• When you develop your EFP, you will look at pretty much every aspect of your farm or ranch
• But, the EFP is only looking at environmental aspects of your operation. Economic aspects, livestock welfare, human resources, etc. are not covered by EFP.
• Here are the different chapters/sections in an EFP. PLEASE NOTE: you only complete the chapters / sections that are applicable to YOUR farm or ranch.

- Environmental Emergency Planning
- Soil and Site Characteristics
- Water Sources
- Pesticide Storage and Handling
- Fertilizer Storage and Handling
- Storage of Petroleum Products
- Disposal of Farm Wastes
- Management of Household Wastewater
- Manure Storage
- Livestock Yards
- Silage Storage
- Large Predator Risk Management
- Energy Efficiency
- Soil Management
- Nutrient Management
- Manure Use and Management
- Horticultural Production
- Crop Management
- Pasture Management
- Livestock Wintering Sites
- Irrigation
- Pest Management
- Water Bodies
- Trees, Shelterbelts, Woodlots and Bush

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