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Posted on: February 13, 2018

2017 Agri-Trade County News Reporter

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Congratulations to the 2017 Agri-Trade County News Reporter (ATCNR) Grand Prize Winner Atlantis Berggren from Bowden Grandview School! Atlantis will receive a $600.00 grand prize for her From Farm to Phone article, in addition to a $400.00 school winner prize. Congratulations also go out to all the school-chosen first place and runner-up prize winners for the 2017 ATCNR program:

Bowden Grandview School
• Atlantis Berggren - Winner - $400.00 Award
• Linda Raduner - Runner-Up - $200.00 Award
Delburne Centralized School
• Kayla Waldo - Winner - $400.00 Award
• Mya Vetter - Runner-Up - $200.00 Award
Penhold Crossing Secondary School
• Samuel Troute - Winner - $400.00 Award
• Warren Adam Teskey - Runner-Up - $200.00 Award
Spruce View School
• Connor Ebbesen - Winner - $400.00 Award

A special Thank you goes out to our program sponsor Agri-Trade Equipment Expo, as well as to the Red Deer County Chinooks Edge Secondary Schools Teachers and Staff who have made this program possible!

From Farm To Phone
By Atlantis Berggren

Not unlike the rest of the world, the smartphone has made its way into all aspects of life, not excluding the agriculture sector. Companies new and old have shifted towards smartphone apps and technologies to give users easier accessibility. This week, November 8th - 11th, marks the arrival of the annual Agri-Trade Equipment Expo. Until Saturday you can head to Westerner Park and take in the four hundred and seventy different exhibits. These vendors range from equipment sales to farm management and accessibility.

It seems that there is an app for everything these days and this proves true at Agri-Trade. There is a new approach to farming that has been created by the usage of smartphone apps. There are a variety of apps available to farmers all with very different approaches to improve farm life. Vendors such as and Farm At Hand are online tools that were seen at Agri-Trade in Red Deer this week. Both of these tools aim to help farmers in one way or another. is an online marketplace that allows farmers to sell their product for a price they want. Not only can you sell from this marketplace but you can also purchase from other local farmers or worldwide. Lawrence Quan from states that farmers using their app have seen up to a 6% increase in the price of their grain. This program's main goal is to increase farmers net profit and economic standing by, “giving power back to the farmer,” in their negotiations and pricing.

Another app based company, Farm at Hand, is focused on creating a more manageable and profitable farm. In doing this, created a platform to keep track of what's planted in a field or a stored in a bin, when they seeded or made a sale, etc. In the end, they aim create an ongoing record of farm life to prevent costly mistakes. For example knowing what was planted in every field can prevent uncertainty. Both of these farming based technologies intend to create an easier and more profitable industry.

Technology in farming is increasing at a rapid rate with new ways to enhance farming lifestyle. Troy Hunter, from Decisive Farming, believes that technology will be leading the agriculture industry going forward. Social media platforms, such as Facebook, have created an online community where farmers can come together to share and compare tips. The world is moving towards a technology-based society and it is hard not to move with it. With tools such as GPS, soil sensors, and smartphone apps it is clear that technology will soon be unavoidable in the near future.

Atlantis Berggren is a grade twelve student, who has attended Bowden Grandview School since kindergarten. Although she values her rural roots and community, she is excited to venture off into the wider global community. Atlantis has been involved with dance her entire life and it has brought her on many travel experiences. These experiences include dancing on a cruise ship and also in a Disneyland parade. She values new experiences which have inspired future plans and career choices. Atlantis hopes to pursue a career in medicine, specializing either in pediatrics or oncology. This journey begins the Fall of 2018 attending the University of Calgary in the Bachelor of Science program. Atlantis hopes that by becoming a doctor she may eventually get involved with Doctors Without Borders, combining her love of travel, medicine and helping others.

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