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Posted on: November 8, 2017


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When creating or editing drawings on the Red Deer County Interactive Mapping Tool online, styles can be applied to the drawings to make them look a certain way. If you would like to apply a certain style to all of your drawings, you can pick a style before you create your drawings. Sometimes you may want to change the way a drawing looks after you’ve created it. To change a drawing’s style after creation, simply click the edit tool, click on the drawing you would like to change, and then click the styles button that appears beside the edit tool.

Styles vary depending on what type of drawing you are creating (point, line, polygon, text). When you first click the styles button, you will see a window showing you some pre-made styles to choose from. In general, these are different colors, shapes, or line types. There is also a drop down at the bottom with some other options like the line thickness or outline / fill. If the pre-made styles don’t work, you can create a custom style either by clicking the Customize button at the bottom or by clicking the Type drop down and going to create your own style.

When creating your own style, you will see the “Color” and “Outline Color” options which let you change the fill and outline colors. When you click on either of these, a color swatch will open up allowing you to pick the color you want and also the transparency. You can click in the big square to pick the shade of the color you want. The first slider allows you to change the hue or color. The second slider allows you to change the transparency with the left being transparent and the right being opaque.

After the colors, you are able to change other things like the marker size for points and line width. There is also the style dropdown which allows you to change the style type. Points can have different shapes, polygons can have different fills like diagonal or cross hatching, and lines can be segmented. Once you have created your style, you can create your drawing and it will have your style applied. If you have been changing the style while editing a feature, you will see the drawing change as you make changes to the style.

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