Education & Awareness

Agricultural Education and Awareness is a primary goal for the Agricultural Service Board (ASB) and as such is strongly supported by the Agricultural Service Department through various programs and events, including tours, workshops, meetings, and publications. 

  • ASB Youth for Agriculture - Red Deer County and area residents aged 6 to 25 are invited to enter the 2020 Agricultural Service Board Youth for Agriculture Award contest. Write an article, create a video, draw a picture or submit an original song on the ASB Youth for Agriculture Award topic of the year and submit your entry by the deadline. ENTRY DEADLINE: NOVEMBER 15, 2020
  • Agriculture Tour - Red Deer County proudly hosts an Ag Tour each year, with a chartered bus tour around the County to view local farming operations. The Tour is a unique opportunity to learn about agriculture in our community, and to speak to farmers directly.
  • Training Rebates & Sponsorship - Red Deer County residents are eligible for reimbursement (50% of course fee, up to $200) of agricultural or safety related course training costs through the Agricultural Training Sponsorship Program.