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Red Deer County has a number of different cemeteries located throughout the County. Red Deer County does not directly oversee these places, but does provide grants to aid in the maintenance of the grounds

Cemetery locations and contact information.

Leva Avenue Natural Area
The Leva Avenue Natural Area grounds were defaulted back to Red Deer County when Parkland Funeral Home and Crematorium did not renew a no-cost lease. Red Deer County is now the sole caretaker of the Leva Avenue Natural Area, and will continue with maintenance that is consistent with other areas of the County. There is no plan for this Natural Area to become a wilderness park.

Located in Gasoline Alley West, The Natural Area continues to be enjoyed as a place for memorial and respect. Memorial Trees planted for loved-ones continue to grow and provide comfort. The County’s memorial bridge and pathways continue to offer solace for families.

Using contact records provided by Parkland Funeral Home and Crematorium, Red Deer County has sent letters to approximately 700 families, updating them on the ownership change to the Natural Area. Families are reminded to please remove any memorabilia, tributes, or belongings that may impede the maintenance of the grounds by Red Deer County equipment by April 15, 2016. This is in line with the rules and regulations of the Natural Area, which have been in place since 2010. Any remaining memorabilia will be collected by Red Deer County and stored for pick-up by their owners.

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    Jo-Ann Symington
    Community Services Manager
    Ph: 403.357.2370

    Lindsay Thompson
    Community Services Coordinator
    Ph: 403.357.2399

    Sylvia Bolkowy
    Community Services Assistant
    Ph: 403.350.2158
Similar to the pre-existing rules and from 2010, County regulations as of April, 2016 are as follows:

  • This Natural Area is not a cemetery and should not contain physical remains or ashes
  • Items placed around trees will be removed
  • This area is maintained between May and October of each year
  • Damaged trees will not be replaced
  • Trees that do not survive will be dealt with on an individual basis
  • Please do not water trees from the retention pond
  • No outside trees may be brought into the park
Any inquiries about the transition can contact Red Deer County at 403.350.2150 or email info@rdcounty.ca.

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Leva Avenue Natural Area