Weed Control
Red Deer County works with landowners, industry, and businesses to manage and control weeds throughout the County. The County has the legislated authority to ensure that weeds do not negatively impact agricultural production. To find out more about the many programs and initiatives the County does in weed management, contact the Agricultural Services Department at 403.350.2165.
When it comes to our County, any noxious and prohibited noxious weeds that have been found within our borders are documented and controlled.
Check out Weeds of Red Deer County here to help you identify these weeds in your area. 

Weed Inspections

Red Deer County has the duty to appoint inspectors to enforce and monitor compliance with the Weed Act of Alberta. To accomplish this we employ 4 seasonal staff appointed by County Council to inspect properties within our borders. Spot our weeds door hangers for descriptions of weed concerns in your particular area.

Weed Inspectors

Weed inspectors have the ability to enter onto land at a reasonable time to monitor compliance with the Act and it is an offense to willfully obstruct or delay them while they are exercising their duties.

These inspectors are looking for noxious or prohibited noxious weeds as defined in the Weed Control Regulations. If and when these weeds are found, the inspectors attempt to contact the landowner of the infected parcel through a weed report, a door hanger, a home visit or even a phone call. 

The goal is to create awareness about weed concerns and educate residents on why these weeds are of concern. Some of these weeds are toxic to livestock and humans, some can spread so quickly and compete so fiercely that they can displace native species. Other invasive plants can invade our waterways/wetlands and consume what little moisture that is available leaving the nothing left for our native grasses and livestock.
Inter-Municipal Weed Inspections
In a partnership that began in 2010, Red Deer County began contracting weed inspection services to the Towns of Innisfail and Sylvan Lake. The goal of this partnership is to increase awareness within urban municipalities about invasive weeds and the 
Weed Act of Alberta. Over 900 weed reports have been issued in the last 2 seasons, but this number decreased significantly in the past season which we believe means that awareness is spreading.

Discover more using the Alberta Invasive Species Council Weeds Fact Sheets.
Weed Control Programs
Red Deer County has several resources available to assist landowners in weed control on their land. Each summer weed inspectors are used to assist landowners in identifying and controlling their weeds. A roadside vegetation control program is also utilized to manage the weeds along roadsides and fence lines.

Vegetation Control Agreement
A Vegetation Control Agreement allows a landowner to opt out of Red Deer County's Roadside Weeds Control Program on ditches immediately adjacent to their land. Please contact Ag Services for more info. 
Roadside Weed ControlRoadside Weed Control

The Roadside Weed Control Program will be administered by Agricultural Services staff with the goals of the program being to:
  • Reduce the population of existing noxious weed concerns
  • Eradicate prohibited noxious weeds
  • Reduce the spread of noxious / prohibited noxious weeds
  • Remove small trees and brush from roadside ditches, especially near intersections
For more information, please contact Agricultural Services at 403.350.2163.

Fence Line WeedsProperty / Fence Line Weed Control
To assist local landowners with prohibited noxious and noxious weed control on property/fence lines. Red Deer County will apply herbicide on these areas on a cost sharing basis with the adjacent landowner.

For more information, please contact Agricultural Coordinator Roland Krusi at 403.342.8654.
Bridge Vegetation Control
Every year all wooden bridges, culverts and guardrails are mechanically maintained to control undesirable vegetation. This includes weeds, grass, brush and even some trees. Some sites were visited two and even three times throughout the growing season.

The goal is to reduce the risk of a fire by removing the fuel from around the wooden structure. This also reduces the spread of weeds through our waterways, improves sightlines and reduces drifting of snow in the wintertime.
Eradicable Weeds Initiative
With the new Weed Act proclaimed in 2010, along came a new list on prohibited noxious and noxious weed concerns. The prohibited noxious category expanded from 5 to 46 different species, some of which are already established in Alberta and in even some in Red Deer County. In an effort to eradicate these new invaders, Red Deer County’s Agricultural Service Board has created a new initiative to help its residents deal with the task of eradication.

Check out how we've worked towards eradicating Flowering Rush on Buffalo Creek in 2015 Here

If you think you have a prohibited noxious weed concern, please contact Red Deer County’s Agricultural Services Department at 403.350.2163.

For more information on noxious weeds please visit the Alberta Invasive Species Council Website.
Municipal Maintenance
The Agricultural Services Team reduces weed populations on municipal lands in Red Deer County.

Weed Solutions
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