Pest Management


Agricultural pests and nuisances are defined under the Agricultural Pest Act as any animal, bird, insect, plant or disease which negatively impacts agricultural production.

Red Deer County is responsible for protecting the agricultural productivity of the municipality by controlling or eradicating native and introduced pests. Private landowners are also accountable for controlling or eradicating pests on their properties.

STRYCHNINE PROGRAM - PLEASE NOTE: Health Canada has cancelled the registration for 2% liquid strychnine for use on Richardson ground squirrels. Click here for details. 

To ensure product availability for the 2021 baiting season, please have your name added to our waiting list by calling 403.342.8654. Product supply may be limited. 


The Agricultural Pest Act directs that declared Agricultural Pests must be eradicated, while Agricultural Nuisances may be controlled. 

Some problem pests in Red Deer County could include:

Agricultural Nuisances Control Techniques/Programs      
Richardson's Ground Squirrel Strychnine Program                        
Coyotes Predation Management for Alberta Flocks
Compound 1080 Tablets
Skunks Skunks Information

Red Deer County Agricultural Services works to educate producers and landowners on agricultural pests and nuisances, and participates in several provincial initiatives to monitor and control pest levels within the County. 

Pests that are monitored within Red Deer County include: Clubroot, Fusarium, Rats, Bertha Armyworm, Diamondback Moths and Grasshoppers. Guidance and resources are also available to County residents looking for information on pest identification and management.


Aquatic Invasive Species

Alberta’s rivers and lakes support a variety of fish populations and fishing opportunities. These systems are being threatened by the introduction of aquatic invasive species. These invaders come from outside Alberta or are transferred between water bodies within Alberta. They can transform entire ecosystems by out-competing native species, posing a major threat to Alberta’s biodiversity.

To report something suspicious on your boat or equipment, or for further information on aquatic invasive species call: 1-855-336-2628 (BOAT)

Wildlife in the County

A variety of wildlife live in Red Deer County. While there are many benefits to living near wild animals, it is important to know how to co-exist with these animals to minimize conflict and ensure the safety of residents, pets, livestock, and wildlife alike.

Wildlife that may be encountered within the County includes:

Please contact Fish and Wildlife if you need specific advice on wildlife problems on your property, or to discuss removal techniques.


How We Can Help

Red Deer County Agricultural Services works with residents to resolve pest control issues by:

  • providing information, inspections, referrals and advice
  • administration of the Strychnine Program  
  • distribution of 1080 tablets for producers having problems with coyote predation on livestock
  • participating in pest surveys and monitoring activities to ensure early eradication and control within the County.