Family Services (FCSS) & Social Planning

Social Planning

Social Planning is mobilizing communities to plan, make decisions and sit in partnership, to find solutions for social issues faced by our Red Deer County residents. By valuing local knowledge and encouraging a holistic approach to addressing issues within the County, we are aspiring to maintain our communities and advance the welfare of our residents. By performing the following duties we hope to improve residents' quality of life by:
  • Increasing the rural voice
  • Offering facilitation and leadership
  • Connecting peers
  • Providing resources and information
  • Monitoring trends and issues.
  • Assisting and supporting

Needs & Assessment Services

  • Grant applications
  • Fundraising and marketing processes
  • Community development
We will customize supports for each project or community.

Family & Community Support Services (FCSS)

"People helping people."

 Red Deer County is a municipal partner in the Red Deer and District FCSS Board. This partnership has been in existence since 1974. County residents are able to access FCSS Services and Programs within the City of Red Deer.

Under the direction and guidance of the Family and Community Support Services Act and Regulation, communities design and deliver programs that are preventative in nature to promote and enhance the well being among individuals, families and communities.

Services & Programs

  • Assist communities to identify social needs and develop responses to meet those needs
  • Promote, encourage and support volunteer work in the community
  • Inform the public of available services
  • Promote the social development of children and their families
  • Enrich and strengthen family life by developing skills so people can function more effectively within their own environment
For more information on Social Planning or FCSS, please contact our main line at 403.350.2150, or see our staff directory.

For more information on FCSS, the City of Red Deer's Website.